Wednesday, May 6, 2015


An Open Letter To The Voters In
FWISD District 5
My name is Linda LaBeau and I am the opposition candidate for District 5 trustee, Fort Worth Independent
School District. I am challenging Ms. Judy Needham a 19 year FWISD incumbent.
It’s time for new ideas, transparency and fiscal oversight at FWISD. We need an across the board salary
and performance review for FWISD central administration by the school board to finally step up to their
fiduciary duty to taxpayers of Tarrant County. The ongoing financial losses are due in part to: poor
technology contracts; $2.3M of equipment sitting in a warehouse; overpayments to employees; $39M owed
to state and federal agencies due to attendance errors by FWISD central administration and poor oversight
by the current trustees.
Fort Worth ISD has lost sight of its purpose stated on the board website. The school board has ignored
their core beliefs: Every child is entitled to an education to include children of diverse backgrounds and
in partnership with teachers and parents and community – these have become just words, not principles.
These errors in oversight and loss in vision are the fault of the FWISD trustees – many of whom have
simply been there too long.
This election will shape the future direction of FWISD. We need a fresh perspective. In my role as District
5 trustee, I want to restore teacher, student and parent faith in the FWISD board of trustees by listening
to them. Hiring a new Superintendent with an MBA as well as Ph.D in education and with experience in
analyzing and reviewing all performance measures from central administration down to the classroom is
the first priority for Fort Worth.
Entrenched incumbents continue to offer the same excuses and ideas expecting different results. These
are not solutions. Needless legal battles continue to divert taxpayer money to the courtroom when those
resources should be directed toward the classroom.
Where restructuring is required, the new Superintendent with the guidance, review and oversight by
the new board of trustees will streamline central administration and direct all available resources back
to teachers and students in our classrooms in order to improve educational opportunities. Our teachers
should have an increased authority and focus on teaching basic skills and knowledge and not consumed by
teaching to the test.
It is imperative citizens of Tarrant County District 5 elect a trustee with the skill set and ability to work
with all FWISD trustees who are working in the best interest of children. Our diverse and ever changing
FWISD schools must provide a safe and appropriate public education. FWISD must assure our business
community we are providing an educated student population ready for entry level employment. We must
provide opportunities to all students whether they are bound for trade school or college.
I have the skill set developed over 25 years of working with state agencies focused on best business
practices as well as through development and implementation of collaborative relationships within the
business community, writing contracts and being awarded state contracts, and being successfully self
employed in facilitation and mediation with large school districts.
Our City, Our Community and Our Citizens deserve nothing but the best from FWISD.
Our children deserve a public education which enables them to realize their dreams

for the future. To accomplish this, FWISD needs new Board Leadership – NOT more of the same.


  1. We need a Superintendent ASAP

  2. Linda, I'm praying you win, but Needham has bought almost all of the current seats, including her own 19 yrs ago and counting. There's a reason she has set up the board to run this way for so long, so she can have control over every aspect of the corruption imbedded within the district. She has been instrumental in hiring patsy's as Superintendents, to keep the corruption deep rooted. Voters are unaware of this, because the media is bought and paid for by Needham and her lover, Marty Leonard. The STAR Telegram and most all of the news stations only write puff pieces about FWISD. They NEVER report the truth. The Weekly used to report on the district, since before the AHHS/Palazzo lo debacle started, but the stories obviously got nixed by politics, dirty 7th st gang money and an idiotic owner! Anything and everything wrong with our district is buried so so deep...19 yrs Needham deep. White Hat wearers like us are chastised for wanting justice. We are the ABnormal, trouble makers, pain in the ass idealist that arent the norm! we are warriors and Needham is the cobra in the pit of garden snakes. She is hateful, vindictive and dirty. One has to only look at what she's done to Palazzolo, his family and many others for 5+ yrs! This district is in shambles because of her corrupted war chest sustained by the millions Marty inherited from her family. I used to respect what Marty stood for, mostly because her father and uncle, who "were people of the people and for the people". Sad that Marty has not lived up to her family name with Needham as her "soul mate ". Needham does exactly what Marty does on the board and vice versa. Both Boards operate in a nebulous state and will continue, unless the public votes them out! We ALL want you to WIN, Linda and I will be urging everyone i know to get out and vote for change. I truly want to be able to sing "Ding dong the witch is dead..." in District 5 (and also 2)! So many lives will be changed for the positive.

  3. Linda, get your money back. The link does not work.

  4. Like Justice, I am praying you win. FWISD NEEDS a cleansing. Needham, Jackson, Robbins, Sims, Moss they all need to go. Avilla, Ramos and Paz would do well to remember that Dickerson was Board President until he resigned the night of Dansby's appointment (nothing racist about that right?). "Slippery Ray" is part of the problem but the real "Medusa" is NEEDHAM. Just review many of the stories which have appeared here and the LONG LIST of employees who came forward with reports of waste, fraud, abuse, improper conduct, and nepotism who were in turn, victimized and burned at the stake. Palazzolo has not been alone -although he has fought the longest. There are HUNDREDS more of the best and brightest who have left FWISD and education in general because of the environment Needham, Jackson, Speer, Kaufman, Hoffman, Menchaca, Breed, Sorum and their ILK have created, It is NOT a learning environment. It is NOT an environment for children. Even now, Needham - the self proclaimed "taxpayer watchdog" (SINCE WHEN?) is busily trying to fire the auditor who has uncovered millions more in waste which she is trying to keep from the Public Eye. Face it: We have no NEWS media here. We have even lost the Weekly since Dickerson and crowd got the Publisher to fire Gayle Reeves. Sorry Linda, but you wasted your $$$ on the Star T. I hope you seek a refund. Everyone concerned about children had better be working their phones trying to move voters to show up tomorrow and unseat Needham and Jackson.
    If not, the rot and decline which Needham has directed will continue and accelerate.

  5. I'm still waiting to here the candidates comment on the lack of air conditioning in the central office building!

  6. The "she" is homophobe Tobi Jackson.

  7. And your point is you would rather none of the city's top elected and appointed officials endorse Tobi? Don't follow your logic. Plus, the last five on your list are not "politicians." Sorry that her diverse group of ethnically and economically diverse followers don't agree. Who has endorsed Cole? His claim to fame is the 30+ southeast FW ministers who are supporting another minister (Cole) out of shear coercion? Why else would they be putting his signs up on church property in direct violation of IRS laws for non-profits? Who's supporting Joel? Crickets.

  8. Last night I spoke to the Como Neighborhood Assoc. I hope everyone will speak to leaders in our minority communities in District 5 to vote for "new ideas, transparency and oversight of FWISD central administration". We have a minority/majority school district which needs representation on FWISD board. If minority voters turn out on May 9 to eliminate Needham and Jackson, you will be doing more for our students and staff and send a strong message to "elites", the powerbrokers that change for the better is possible. I promise you will have a friend on the board in District 5. I am not a politician. I only want to serve the people in District 5 who have been ignored for far too long.

  9. My point is as with most elections in this City, the majority of citizens are so disgusted with the choices that a very few control the vote. This includes the so-called "elected officials" who have endorsed her without even looking at her track record and the decline of FWISD during her tenure.
    As to the last five:
    1) As to GFTAR I would have to say out of touch with what has happened in FWISD over the past 19 years. After all, aren't they also endorsing such stellar picks as Needham and Speer?
    2) Citizens for Great Schools is a sham led by the very guy who helped destroy FWISD as Board President, Ray Dickerson.
    3) Teachers have already voiced their opinion on UEA's endorsement of such a rabidly anti-teacher Board member;
    4) A mere shadow of its former self, one need only look at the preferential coverage Needham gets to ALL other candidates
    5) And last as well as least, a racist rag unworthy of the word "News"

  10. Why? Tell Linares to turn it on. She probably cant find the switch or better still, bet the "taxpayer watchdog" decided not to pay the bill.

  11. And just to aid in informing these paragons of the uninformed, perhaps you should let Slippery Ray take them all on a tour of Lily B. Clayton Elementary to see the appalling conditions these children have to endure in order to seek an education. What disgusting hypocrites.

  12. Truth and JusticeMay 8, 2015 at 8:14 PM

    There we go, good ol' name calling, "Lack of" Info. I won't even bother to debate your "points" because they all lack substance. Anyone who has followed this campaign and is being truthful knows Tobi has received tons of praise and endorsements from parents, former parents, students, former students, educators past and present, business leaders, city leaders, elected officials (who you call "so-called" elected officials -- which doesn't even make sense) and every-day taxpayers who know a good thing when they see it. Unlike some candidates, Tobi treats everyone with equal respect regardless of their color, background, address or economic standing. That is why she is LOVED in District 2. Oh, and you said the Meadowbrook News is "racist?" It's easy to name call with out any proof.

  13. She is a fraud who knows NOTHING about education. She is LOVED all right - by the wealthy white power brokers and politicians who are bleeding FWISD and taxpayers dry. Here's hoping she is thrown out tomorrow!!

  14. The REAL Truth and JusticeMay 8, 2015 at 9:55 PM

    Please stop using the names of others.

  15. Of all the theft, nepotism, sex, scandal, high salaries for incompetent people, etc and you complain about no a/c at the ad building. It's a shame that the only time anyone down there sweats while at work is because of a mechanical malfunction.
    We have schools that don't have working a/c, or internet, or wifi. Schools that look like crap because the head janitor got his job through a friend or relative and doesn't feel the need to take care of his assigned building and you complain about being uncomfortable in the ad building. How incredibly sad that you think the priority of any candidate or board member should be the comfort of anyone in the ad building.

  16. please encourage your family, friends and neighbors in District 5 and District 2 to get out to vote for candidates who know how to play well with others. I will be out campaigning early tomorrow morning with small business owners, and visiting the polls to shake hands with undecided according to Election Chapter 61 election rules. People are ready for change at FWISD and TRWD. It is wonderful to live in a free country where every vote counts.. Fort Worth we have two important issues water and education which will affect our community through electing true public servants with integrity.