Friday, October 31, 2014


Many of you have or will be going to trick or treat......

In our case FWISD likes to trick as much as they can and blind you so that you have no idea what is going on.  We know not everything is negative but when we see and hear our administration and board members just not quite understand what's before them... it truly is scary!

Sad that when we saw this it reminded us of the one person who has completely caused the many problems in governance at FWISD.  We will leave you to think about it for a bit on who it reminds you of and if you don't get the answer right then you have missed out on the mess that has been FWISD.  

are they praying it all goes away?  Check out Jackson :)

At our last school board meeting we heard the wonderful things that our two traveled board members brought back from cultural awareness sessions learned in Minneapolis.  We completely see that it is important, we have heard many times and all the accolades that it receives but we have not seen it put into practice.  Yet again we are using taxpayer money for one or two individuals to get information and it is not trickled down in any way.  

Mr. Ramos seems to be on a celebrity tour with all of the culture topics and gaining lots of connections for when, as we have been told, will create his own consulting style of business to do trainings on it.  So it's nice to see that we are paying for his future.  Then at the board meeting we came into the issue with Washington Heights that apparently is almost $3 million over budget.  There is consternation that what was floated to the residents is not what will be given because they have to redesign it to lower cost. There was mention that it should be about equity and we agree but at whose cost or sacrifice?  It seems that this one has gotten more attention, in the paper, and other areas for one particular area.  If you watch the discussion there seems to be a big disconnect from all parts.  

Dr. Avila mentioned that "we need to do a better job of communicating."  How interesting that this is exactly what we have asked for, communication and transparency and we have yet to get it.  Most importantly we need integrity and honesty about what is happening.  A little chuckle came when he mentioned us, not directly, that there is information out there and the district needs to do a better job what we would say containing it.  Well thanks for the accolade, our vision is to get the information out to the public.

We hear comments about great presentations but that is not going to get us where we need to be.  In all more talk and less action.  Oh and there was also a mention about oversight which almost caused us to faint.  Maybe just maybe the board finally understands one of their biggest roles is oversight on what occurs in the district.  

SCAs continue to haunt our teachers who see this as more and more work and no specifics.  We shall see what Sorum conjures up at the next meeting.  In the mean time the SCAs walk like a benchmark, written like a benchmark, and quack like a benchmark!

We also have heard and are waiting for confirmation that the district is down $39 million or close to 40 million that was not accounted for.  We are not sure if this has been discussed at the board meeting but we know from the people on the ground that a committee or task force is being assembled to help out.  It will consist of administrators which will be taken off campus for this and away from the campus where they are needed to monitor instruction.  So the pretty picture painted about reserves was always a fluke.  Then Sutherland mentioned it on her blog regarding an adjustment made that was an oversight and now we don't have as many reserves in case there is a budget shortfall.  




  1. Funny that while most in the picture (to include Lon Burnham) appear to be praying, Moss and Jackson are looking straight at the camera. Always looking for that photo op. The alleged shortfalls with the new Bond - is that before or after $1 million was given to each school for football fields? Did Paschal or Heights ever pay back the $1 million they already got? Anyone familiar with construction knows the claims of shortfalls ALREADY is simply crap. FInd a new contractor or architect. We remember during the last Bond, Dansby coming around and CUTTING specified improvements. Where did all of those "savings" go? This brings back memories of the Ingram Concrete scandal doesn't it? Aren't three or four of those Board members still around? Finally, just how much has FWISD spent in outside litigation in the past five years? Why is the Palazzolo case STILL going on? Didn't FWISD just settle with another employee for $$$$? When does it end? When we vote these fools out of office.

  2. I have a little information. The turf pay-backs are due in 2017; neither has been completely paid off. The 1 million for each school's athletic facilities is covered in the Bond budget. I haven't heard anything about another employee being paid off.

  3. Ann, seriously. Does it surprise you that they didn't tell you? Did they tell you about the ROTC instructor from Handley? This makes two. Did they tell you about the Trimble Tech Principal or the teacher from AHHS?

  4. This corruption is deep...ever wonder why Hank Johnson suddenly resigned? Can someone investigate where he came from and why? Guess Ron Wilson didn't play the FWISD way. Robbins, you have known all along...Lockheed Martin must be stuck with you as well.

  5. Who is this new payout to? Hadn't heard of anyone lately other than the on going Joe mess. I agree with others that it's time to get the AG involved

    in this district.

  6. concernedcitizensfortworthisdNovember 2, 2014 at 7:17 PM

    The payouts of the fees are to the law firm.

  7. What "payout" are you referring to? This blog has covered recent antics of Kyle Davie which the ENTIRE Board was made aware of and which resulted in a cash settlement. If this is what you are referring to, the payment went to an employee and Board Members continue to lie to cover their tracks.