Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dr. Ann Sutherland, District 6, has filed TEA Complaint over SCAs

Welcomed news that Dr. Sutherland has filed a complaint with TEA regarding the legality of the SCAs.  While some may think this is something to do about nothing, let's just say that this goes to the hardcore of the classroom.  Allowing teachers and administrators on campus to do what is best for students.  District mandated tests are not allowed but twice a year, the law is clear.  Just because you break them down does not mean that they are any different.  Look at the format they are written in, test style and they are meant to prepare for the STAAR test.

Teachers have been taught to assess what they teach and they can assess after they teach a unit or however their curriculum is setup.

Thank you Dr. Sutherland for continuing the fight and we are behind you.  Keep us updated on the outcome.

We ask the rest of the board to speak up.  Mr. Ramos, where is the transparency you speak of? What is says to us is that you don't care about the entire FWISD staff but just your own recognition and use of the district for a personal agenda. Well known what your aspirations are and it's sad that you would use our children to advance your agenda.
 The rest of the board well we know they have no clue what is going on so we will leave it.


  1. How can you expect different outcomes? Board is all funded by the same funds that control the city...they get someone to run, fund them, and pull the strings.
    Board members ask yourself where do your children attend school?
    Where do the children of the people that funded you attend school?
    There will never be transparency! People in this city do not have a voice!
    Board members simply do what they are told, fulfill their personal agendas and hire their relatives and friends (that don't rock the boat either or hide the corruption further).
    Come on...years of scandal...the money controls everything. The children will continue to suffer and the cost of PERSONAL AGENDAS disguised as "it's all about the children!" Famous FWISD motto!

  2. Isn't it ironic that BOTH candidates for Gov and BOTH political parties are against increasing the number of standardized tests and in fact reducing them yet here is FWISD increasing them! This is the blind leading the blind.
    dozens of law suits, senseless appeals, now another complaint to TEA. Funny how the so-called lawyer on the Board is silent; along with the other newby - Ashley Paz. Don't count on anything from Ramos who has no business working with children in ANY capacity given his personal life as reported in this Blog. It speaks to the credibility of Needham, Robbins, Jackson and the rest that no one demanded Ramos resign. Why would they? They all have something to hide. I understand Sims is always asleep but I do not understand Moss remaining silent. Their is no one to speak for minority children. Thank God at least Ann is speaking out for the children and teachers. I also cannot believe the Board tried to push through an appeal on that Palazzolo case without a public discussion or vote.

  3. "Why?" you may ask, are no other Board Members speaking out against the increase in standardized testing in FWISD. Needham's support of Sorum and the fact that no one on the current Board except Ann has ever worked in education would explain the rest of the sheep - or would it? Doesn't Tobi Jackson fancy herself an "educator" after his dismal performance in that failed charter school? Why hasn't she spoken out? Because she hasn't a clue anyway.............