Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Future of our Students reflected by President Ramos? A beer, a cigar and his real mission

Words can't express more the disgust with what our leaders are doing to the district.  This coming from someone who came in robed with a mantle of change and ended up being the same old thing times 2. Here you have Ramos who is traveling the world, who knows who is funding it and has all the time in the world when before he was barely making ends meet.

He is the false prophet if he ever deserves any title.  The message about culture that he brings is all about his BAM message, Bad Ass Mexican and the Mexican Mafia that surrounds him.  Who is paying for the workshops he is bringing?  How much conflict of interest is there when some of the people who train are his friends?

The time has come to end the charade.

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