Friday, August 12, 2016


Just another quid pro quo item to report, at this point nothing is a mystery nor a big surprise to the people who run the district.

So this committee is tasked with helping resolve the issue with what looks like discipline and equity overall.  Talks about revising the student code of conduct, the policies on applying discipline, etc.

But the big item noted is the CBMCS (California Brief Multicultural Competence Scale) to train staff, etc.  So it happens that Mr. Ramos and another member Mr. Phillips are trainers.  So guess what, they will contact the trainers and see when they can come to FW.  So more money going to who you know and conflict of interest very well alive.  I wonder what other connection Mr. Ramos has to the company?  We know he made several trips and has had contact with California individuals who are interested in what he does.

So with this work, what are you trying to accomplish committee?

*What have you tried for a while that you have evaluated its effectiveness?  PBIS/CHAMPS?  Why can't we focus on one item and train people well and provide the resources, money, so that it stays solvent.  You are not thinking long term nor plan well, you just keep adding program after program which Scribner vowed to stop.

*Discipline is an issue because students who need strong support don't have it.  Adding more disciplinarians is not the issue, its the emotional and social support that is needed.  Yes, students who are completely unruly need a process but you are talking about a small percentage if you really studied things and followed through on policy.

The interesting thing here also is that you never present evidence, charts, etc. on anything related to why it is needed, it's like taking things out of the air and making it sound good.  Never hear about accountability!

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