Friday, August 12, 2016

Board Meeting Highlights: CAN WE SAY THE SHIP IS CRUMBLING!

If we had a chance to throw rotten tomatoes at what we see on the board, it be a tomato bath...

Everything we hear is we think, we believe, etc. and nothing is absolute with facts or anything to back it up.

The following videos show some of the more interesting things about how poorly managed and informed this district is and the governance not even up to par.. can we also get our board members to dress the part of leaders?  Any fashionistas out there that can give some advice?

So the last section of the board was a grievance heard and it was long so we are not publishing it, just commenting.  So UPN grieved that the RFP process for a hub was unfair because the RFP asked for something and the district chose something else.  The district sure does not have good presenters because their argument was lame.  Anyway, if the RFP process is not done correctly then the district could lose E-Rate money like Moss indicated has happened before.  The district is not worried about it because they feel regardless they did it right but from the outside looking in, something wasn't done right.
Apparently the other vendors did understand the RFP by the design they made not so much the writing on the plan.  So the district says no matter what was written just look at our drawing and you will get it.  But in it the district acknowledges it did choose something else and then tried to make UPN look worse by saying well those points are not the only things they didn't get points on other things so it shouldn't matter.  Typical FWISD!  So now the district is at risk of losing funds by Kyle who lord knows has done horribly at keeping technology on the right path.  So that doesn't surprise us.

Now to the videos.. discipline, no real training plan, etc. etc.  See how our leaders just get around to answering the questions and have no idea what is going on.  Sad!

Looks like the board wants more information on this because it's not showing what will be done to help curtail discipline.

Typical of not informing well the board and just asking for approval but they want more and sadly no great responses.  

Moss does bring up good points but no good resolutions to the questions.  Can we get the scores?  What's going to be different this year?

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