Wednesday, February 10, 2016


One of the comments made on the post with Ramos and Paz, stated that Tobi Jackson was involved with SPARC and if that could be a conflict of interest.  We did a little searching and found information to which you can all make your decision on it.

What is interesting is all the individuals involved which are part of the Mafia machine we speak of a lot.  It just so happens that the SPARC initiative is part of the City of Fort Worth and a grant given to them by the Wallace Foundation.  So Tobi becomes the CEO of the initiative of which we know that she has ties to the Mayor and the Linebarger Law Firm.  Judy Perez, one of the directors, has ties to the Mafia machine as you can see in her Facebook friends page.

So it's no surprise how Tobi gets a job by who you know and not by what she claims to have, experience as an educator, etc.  Maybe she didn't put Prime on her reference sheet or other blunders she has made.  So the city law people called the FWISD legal people and said that there is no conflict of interest when the city will fund FWISD after school programs of which Tobi is getting paid for.  Of course not, in this city nothing is seen as a conflict so why not keep it going and when does FWISD legal people go against who pays them?  Might as well have called Judge Mathis or Judge Judy and gotten the same result and say it was before a courtroom.

But wait, Tobi said during the campaign that she did not work and would dedicate her time to district 2 because all other candidates worked and would not be able to devote their time.  LOL
So yeah, tell me another lie that I can believe!  That's why district 2 is doing so well- well let's give her credit she still does a lot of photo ops so she is doing what she said she would do.

Read on folks.. business as usual, move long, nothing happened here.. all is good.

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