Sunday, January 3, 2016


Well, well, what do we have here?

Nothing new for the most part as prior board members have spent more and been questioned about their particular vacations on taxpayer funds.  But what the article points out is that BAM President Ramos has spent at least $24,000 just on him.  His response is that he wants to put the district on the map and he needs to be present at many events.
No question that the district needs to be put on the map but for good reasons.  We didn't hear one person comment on the PEG results and what the new strategies will be nor anything related to how student education will be better.

The other big question for Mr. Ramos is, how does he get so much time off?  We know board members have a regular job because trustees do not have a salary.  We did report back that one employee that works at the Juvenile Department had stated that Ramos works 2 hours and that is considered a full day's work.  Does anyone know how the system works on leave and stuff like that at the city?  We know there are political games played but we just don't know the details, some of the big bosses are connected to big political people.

Still, we see that all these expenses and nothing to show for.  Whatever happened to the White House initiative?  How has that helped the students?  Has discipline changed some?  Do we have due process for students at risk?

Like always the district will be silent because it has no answers.  I guess Tobi, you better get a regular job because you are for sure not putting in the time you said you would since you had no job after Prep Academy.  Why waste your words, a liar is a liar.

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