Monday, December 14, 2015


Guess we missed the speech Scribner gave at the Board Meeting

Changes await and interesting that the focus went to Moss' side of the district but not Jackson where majority of schools are not performing.  So the push will be for central office to be out to the schools and mentioned the people who were with him, Washington, Traylor, and Breed- who have no business being there when they are the cause of everything.  Yes Washington and Traylor may be new but believe us... they did nothing where they were.. so no success to model.  So we shall she who survives the shuffle or do they just get new titles and more pay.
Dr. Scribner, you can't get better results when you don't change people.  You are correct, organizations get the results they get when they keep the same people and then recycle them.  Big task ahead and this will show where your leadership will go.  Either we do move or we get worse than we are.

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