Thursday, January 28, 2016


The empire that the current BAM Board President and TCU Princess Paz created has been crumbling since the day they signed their life to the devil, Needham.  Within months both were elevated to a status that garnered many opportunities that no one else would have access to.  Many hoped that they would work to help the ailments of this district and to this day it seems the issues keep piling up.

Let's review what the status of some of their lack of oversight have caused (along with the rest of the board crew)


*Recall that he helped his girlfriend get a job in the discipline office area.  The job created required someone with an educational background.  Come to find out she has no background whatsoever.  But right after he won the election then suddenly she was hired over better qualified individuals.  Dr. Scribner please check her references and qualifications and check the job description and you will see how the hiring practices at FWISD work.

*The $60,000 secretary under Monge that has a GED and makes more than most teachers who have a Bachelor's and even a Master's.  Can we become secretaries so that we can get paid the same?  Dr. Scribner please check on that and let us know how it is justified.

*Received a TCU job when he signed a pact with Needham over the Farrington field when Dansby wanted the Arts school to be built there.  For the most part, Needham setup Dansby on it and Ramos did not about it.  Guess the perks were much more important than doing the right thing.

*Ramos has a stake in the Santa Fe company that runs YAP and this is why he is so invested in it and can't afford to loose.  The same goes in hiring his inner circle to some positions where they have no business being any type of role model for anyone.  Money is now the root of the evil that plagues this district.

*Let's add some content to his statements made on the Fort Worth Project and his outlook at the current status of what he says are needs (after 3 years)

  1. “The demographics in Fort Worth aren’t changing. They’ve changed.”
The demographics had changed for a long time and the run for the board was meant to deal with the change overall.  This is nothing new and yet look at where we are, besides this what have you done to make sure we are ready for the change?  What has been put in place, like the more than 200 programs like YAP that have not impacted the majority of the students.  Change only happens when actions occur.
  1. “We’ve got work to do, and we have zero time to waste.”
Show us the work and the results and we can believe this statement.  But while you want all to be working you are flying across the nation building your profile and not the districts nor bringing anything that reflects change.
  1. “We are having very real and courageous conversations. The board is legit.”
Legit?  What conversations are you having?  All of the conversations have happened in executive session because the public knows nothing of what or where the district is headed.  Where are the talking points of the strategies and implementation of things that are impacting student life overall?  The board that is in place has been the same board, minus the new people, who have made all of the decisions and suddenly things are better?  Tell us what those real conversations will result in and then maybe we can believe.  But being silent is not doing us any good.
  1. “If you see people as objects to be moved and manipulated, then you are going to fail because the bottom is going to fall out.”
So you move technology into Metro when you should be moving resources to support students and stop the overall failure of discipline that has continued to marginalize african american and latino students.  They are more likely to end up there without even a chance to redeem themselves versus anglo students.  So yes the bottom is going to fall out but I believe it has already done so.
  1. “Parents have a powerful, powerful voice.”
A voice that has been silenced or ignored.  Surveys mean nothing nor words.  The people want action that is credible and visible.  
  1. “This dude is a beast of a leader” (about Superintendent Kent P. Scribner).
Not sure what kind of beast you speak of but we are still waiting for the first big bite.  You and Linares made sure he came here and yet nothing so far.  All we hear is talk.
  1. “There is now a partnership with the Superintendent” (regarding the board).
That's interesting because your inner circle has leaked information that it's not that rosy.  You are basically fed up with how the system ate you and now you want to run.  There is no partnership, there was only agreements between you all to shut up and run a de-facto government where nothing gets out.  So yes the partnership exists in creating lies and who knows what else.
  1. “Challenge your mental model if you think it’s all negative [about the FWISD]. Visit the schools.”
Have you visited the schools?  Have you seen the other sides of the district?  Remember that you are president of the FWISD not just North Side.  What about the teacher attacks at other schools?  What about the issues at Riverside, West Handle, etc.  How about helping YWLA and the need for support for parents, teachers and students from Mia Hall who is running a dictatorship, which kind of mimics the district style.  The bullying that has been exacerbated in many schools like Paschal.  So when you visit all sides of the district, then let us know.
  1. “Ask, ‘How can I help you?’ instead of saying ‘Here’s what to do.'”
Yes we are waiting to be asked and taken seriously.
  1. “A zip code should not determine a young person’s future.”
Exactly, so why can't everyone be able to go to Paschal or other schools that board member kids get to go to?  Where do our kids from the East and South get an opportunity to excel beyond their area and go to other schools?  Tell us how you are working to determine that better future for ALL students.  Once you are serious about this and other things then maybe we can sing a better tune.  


Well we can't say too much about her because she hasn't done much and now has forgotten her schools.  The TCU gig has her busy at the expense of students.  How are things at the Riverside area of the FWISD?  Many are suffering and she is nowhere to be found.  No degree and now is in a Master's Program at TCU.. tell us how that goes... 

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