Wednesday, December 9, 2015


We began the Scribner tenure with the new blog thinking that we were going to be able to write a new chapter, only to find out that things have stayed the same and the old factions are still alive.  Some will say that he has been on the job such a short time but the effect and impact this is having on everyone is real and ongoing.  We didn't expect a miracle but we expected action that showed us we were going to move in a different direction.  Could it happen?  Anything can happen but at this point in the game, we are on the losing side.

Where do we start?

The two recent incidents at Arlington Heights and O.D. Wyatt have certainly shown us the lack of focus on our schools and their safety.  While you can't avoid necessarily incidents all together, it still shows that we are not focusing on the real aspect of a better learning environment.  There is no response from the administration nor the board, they basically turn a blind eye to their own self-image and interests.

We ask where the resources are going to support our students, teachers and staff?  How about some of that money from Camp Community Mr. Ramos going to this instead of your close circle of friends?  How about some talk about culture and climate with students and staff so that they can also benefit from the promotions you are doing?  This is where things matter, not the same self promotion most are doing with photo ops.  Dr. Scribner how about some photos with our custodians, our maintenance, the people that are doing the job and given low pay and bad working conditions.  They also deserve your attention and they still have not been heard on what their expectations are for you.  How about taking some time off away from Linares and let's work on building relationships.

 CONFLICT OF INTEREST!  But more importantly something not every student benefits from because it's all on the North Side.  Let's spread the love Mr. Ramos to all sides of the district.  Since conflict of interest is not big deal in FWISD, the few become richer!  Remember that Ramos is on the board of the organization who is receiving money from FWISD and his family and friends are employed through many of the organizations.  A cozy family!

We have received inquiries into what Dr. Linares is doing at every event in FWISD, we thought she would take her vacation and she has not.  So it seems that the old never goes away and we still have the same things in place.  Rumor has it that Linares and Scribner know each other very well and that completely just brought the honeymoon to a halt because we are back to where we started once again.  Apparently there is some connection and it also speaks to the fact that she keeps hanging on and also how much influence she had on the hiring.  The board can say all they want about the process but if it's true then we have a tainted Superintendent who will only do more of the same.

For example, the district has only improved by 1% overall in relation to student achievement after all the programs and money invested.  All of this under Sorum who is still here and who has nothing to show.  Principals were given this information at one of their meetings and yet the district says nothing to the failed policies.  The same style of thinking let's continue to hope that things get better and our kids and staff are caught in the middle.  Where is all the fanfare for the new Board Team and how much more will get done since they went silent sucking Sutherland in.  Just because you hide does not mean the problems go away and it's a shame that we still see nothing better.  Still overload of principal meetings, too many tests, a sinking ship.  Yet the heavy loaded central admin and the money spent on the networks have resulted in nothing but 1% gain. So I guess the ship is sinking and the life boats were only given to the admin and the board because our children sure won't be saved.  The good ol boy system is still alive.

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