Friday, November 7, 2014


While we were distracted from the bond issue and the money problems that seem to arise time after time.. we learned how our fellow educators at METRO, under Trustee Ramos, have discovered through the STAR that their location more than likely would be the new STEM or that it is being considered without any form of communication from the very person that came into office promising something different.  Teachers feel betrayed and once again no communication comes to them, where will they go, what about the students?  The district again offers nothing more.  Didn't Avila just mention at the board meeting that we need to do a better job to get the word out?  Wait first you have to be around long enough to hear it and not be traveling for personal gain.

So Mr. Ramos where are you now?  You have been MIA from Metro, showing up one time, and we hear the you and fellow board members are about kids and yet words mean nothing.  Here is another prime example of a personal agenda set on gaining personal wealth on the back of kids.  Whatever happened to cultural awareness and just basic culture and climate.  There is nothing in the talk that has helped anyone but you, your family and friends around you.
It's ok for other kids to be affected because having a STEM would make it look great but you have yet to talk about the students and teachers who would be affected.  How about showing up at the schools that also need help.  So happens that the school where your children attend gets the majority of everything.  How interesting that they come into the district from private school and now are atop other students who didn't have that opportunity and who are still not reaping the benefits.  How long will you stay? You are an FWISD trustee, not North Side ISD.   

We hear you Metro staff... empty words, empty promises.  Shame on all those who say they are about education and can't even do the basics.

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  1. Is anyone really surprised by this guy? Isn't he the one who allegedly got Dansby to hire his co-worker who allegedly was pregnant with his child? Didn't the Board have to vote on that type of hire? If not, where is their outrage? Why is he still a sitting Board Member? It is also alleged his claim of residency is about as valid as Norm Robbins. Elections around the corner!