Monday, August 7, 2017


If you recall back when we covered the story about Ramos and his mistress whom he fathered a child, well not sure how this new lady is connected but has Ramos backing all the way.

Now enter Sandra Salinas who has been appointed to do various jobs at Diamond Hill Jarvis on behalf of Ramos.  She came into the school and destroyed PTA.

We found out that she does not live in the district yet is an employee and her daughter is there to do what Ramos did with his kids, take the ranking away from students who have been there for years.  So now this young lady is tops and looks like another TCU scholarship coming.  Sandra lives in Eagle Mountain-Saginaw district but is a transfer.

Ashely, is that not your school?  After Ramos helped your opponent in the election and now he is taking over your area, where are you?

Ramos has a new girl!

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