Saturday, July 29, 2017


This can't get any better folks.....

If you have not tuned into Facebook or other outlets, the Texas Association of School Boards or TASB, released personal information from district employees across the state but for sure FWISD.  They are going to help you monitor your credit for free just in case you have issues which you know are not easy to resolve.  Will they offer legal help in case your information is used?

The big question here is does FWISD have the legal right to release your information to an organization they pay to lawyer up, conflict of interest, just to send it over to the workforce commission?

When we signed up we either have a choice of yes or no to post our directory information.  I don't recall there being an area where the district says do you want TASB to have your information.  Any legal repercussions here?

Why can't the district give the information to the workforce commission?

This is completely adding insult to injury.  Let us know if any of you get an email about your information being published online and if the district apologizes for their stupidity.

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