Friday, June 23, 2017


Scribner has finally found out that he is stuck at FWISD and that the label may not help his future aspirations.  FWISD was his fast track to stardom and the swamp ate him.  

Two individuals are running the district to their liking, Jerry Moore and Ramos.  Ramos protects Moore because he is running the programs that he favors of which Scribner was supposed to eliminate.  

Scribner it appears is lost not knowing who to trust and relies on Moore who by all accounts has less credibility than a roach.  

Ramos secretly wanted Paz and Sims to loose.  He offered Muhammad money to run against Sims but he saw his true colors and stuck to principles.  Ramos also paid his cronies to help Pilar run the campaign.

But back to Scribner, he is a puppet doing the bidding of the Mafia ring leader.  The power grab has been completed and has the money from Bass family to keep everyone in check.

You should of ran when you could Scribner.. now you are stuck unless your nice extended contract.  

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