Monday, June 12, 2017


So we hear that Scribner informed principals that Charles from Curriculum will now move over to HCM to take over the SLO and some of the same duties that Clint has now.  So we wonder what happened that he is being moved since he was in charge of curriculum.  

Does anyone have any information?  

This comes as the district trained principals on the new planning model that teachers will be trained on when they return.  Scribner requested that principals get 8 teachers to attend a session in July but no mention of pay for days not on contract.  This may sound like a voluntold type of thing.

So once again teachers will be subjected to fast training and immediate implementation with no sign of continued support to make sure it is done correctly.  Not sure if UEA has gotten anything more from the administration but this is the sloppy way FWISD brings on its new programs.  Another year to learn something new and blame the teachers for it not being done.

So get ready teachers, rest up.

Send us more information that we need to know because otherwise it stays all secret.

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