Thursday, June 9, 2016


We will begin  to highlight the bullies that continue to terrorize staff in the workplace.  Since the leaders of the district turn away and wish it would go away, we will show the faces of those who contribute to a toxic environment.  It's not OK to Bully!

To inaugurate this process are the Mexican Mafia dearest couple, Nick Torrez and Carla Coscia.  Nick is at Kirkpatrick MS and Coscia at Dolores Huerta.  Both are part of the Mexican Mafia and are highly protected since the godfather, Ramos, is at the top and Scribner with no backbone to protect the people he swore to help.  Empty promises altogether.  But this couple seems to be on a rant and ruin the lives of the people we need to care for our students.  Even our cafeteria workers and anyone that gets in the path are targets of these two.  Let's not forget that Xavier Sanchez is their supervisor and so nothing will ever happen because he is also part of the mafia.

Let us know of anyone else we need to include.  We have a list already so we will feature throughout the summer.

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