Monday, March 31, 2014

DANSBY Evaluation Postponed

Interesting how those that wield power just do as they please to make sure they get what they want.  What are they afraid of?  Public opinion getting to them?  Well it should.  We are tired of the same all the time and no new results.

We have one champion who is doing a lot for FWISD.  Thank you Dr. Sutherland!

Read this:

Superintendent Evaluation meeting cancelled

by Ann Sutherland on 03/30/14
The March 31 meeting to complete the Superintendent's evaluation has been postponed according to a communication late in the week by President Moss.

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1.TiredOfTheExcess said on 3/30/14 - 06:29PM
Probably a wise move, given the fact that his refusal to settle with Palazzolo just cost the district 2.1 million dollars (the difference between what Palazzolo was willing to settle for before, and what the jury just awarded him).
2.Concerned Tax Payer said on 3/31/14 - 12:21AM
The total cost of the Palazzolo trial with all the expenses included might be over 3 million.The Superintendent should be held accountable for the outcome.This money could have helped a lot of students.
3.Ann replies said on 3/31/14 - 01:03AM
Mr. Palazzolo's legal fees will be between $600,000 and $800,000 by my estimate. When these are added to FWISD's legal fees, the total is likely to exceed $4 million. One way to look at $4 million is that it is 16,000 hours of tutoring.
4.lindalabeau said on 3/31/14 - 11:16AM
Fellow taxpayers if you really want to get upset about how fwisd spends money read the 2013 fwisd audit. If you add the district's squandering of legal funds to the malfeasance of fwisd administration someone smarter than me will have to do the computation. The board of trustees has a fiduciary responsibility to guard and protect public money.
5.Anonymous said on 3/31/14 - 02:27PM
Ann, I just wanted to thank you again for providing this forum. The Star-Telegram's new policy of requiring a Facebook account to submit comments has had a chilling effect on the number of reader's leaving such comments, as can clearly be seen on the Dansby article (which was far less thorough and informative than the FW Weekly's- an embarrassment for our paper of record). No school employee in his or her right mind would share their honest opinions about Dansby and his administration, based on his reputation for vindictiveness. I hope the other school board members are not swayed by the positive comments about him made by some FWISD principals at the last school board meeting. Who wouldn't speak kindly of their boss right in front of him? Have you gotten to see the District's teachers' survey yet? It has been over a month since it closed, so it should be available.
6.Ann replies to #4 said on 3/31/14 - 03:39PM
You are welcome. It has been helpful to me to receive feedback. I agree that the Star-Telegram's new policy does have a chilling effect.
7.CIAFWISD said on 3/31/14 - 03:40PM
Dr. Sutherland, here is the link to statements employees made to OPS which you may not have seen that shows the Arlington Heights problems from a while back. Go back and read the weekly article where you posted comment and see posting from cia.
8.CIA said on 3/31/14 - 03:40PM
Link: copy and paste below
9.cesar chavez said on 3/31/14 - 05:44PM
Why was there no announcement or mention of Cesar Chavez?
10.Ann replies said on 3/31/14 - 07:09PM
Good question, as today is his birthday. I guess the staff forgot, as this is a holiday in Texas, Colorado and California. My husband and I boycotted grapes as young parents in Berkeley; our son, who was born in 1963, ate his first grapes when Chavez signed his first contract.

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